Gabriel Gonçalves the Sweet August

When August arrives with a redhead prince!

With caring and loving features, a beautiful smile framed on a face sometimes embarrassed others sassy, with his charming 24-years-old, where some might not be able to look away. That blush on his face, the way he looks at someone, the spontaneous smiles and sighs, this native Pisces boy, is a great idealist, creative, ambitious person moved by his passions.

With a heart and soul ambitious which never get enough of life! He lives in Loures, on a small and cosy flat with his two cats, Noah and Savi. Feline cats with different temperaments, as well as Gabriel… this “sweet boy” that is not only defined by his ingenuous face and Adonis looks.  

Gabriel became independent at the age of 21-years-old, and sometime after he finishes Marketing and Publicity. He even tells with great enthusiasm that this course “has helped him develop competences on the areas of strategy and creative communication” which in turn, assisted him in getting his place in the world of arts and culture. A world he has been connected since his early life.

We can point out that his life is one of amazing curiosity!

When he was younger, he created a band with his brothers, making his life a bit full and funny, but at the same time all this experience with managing the band, captivated him to explore the “music business management” area. However, without losing his sights and life objectives, he finished his Artistic Production Course – Textile Design at António Arroio Artistic school, having been promoted by the Rotary Club of Lisbon as the best student in the area!

Everything in his life happens for a reason, from the strings of a guitar to the strings of a textile… with invitations from professors, he collaborated with the school as an Assistant in Artistic Production by means of tutoring students. And from here a new horizon came up one he followed and recently finished his Tutoring Course. Recently Gabriel works and collaborates as a Junior Consultant of Marketing and Community Manager for a new magazine “Variações” which focus on independent Portuguese music.

To know more about him, DM’s, Collabs and always be on with the news in the independent music industry or even about his own projects, check his Instagram @box.gabriel

This photoshoot was offered by and made by the talented photographer David Velez, whose work speaks for himself. You can check more works at or at his Instagram: @dvfots

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Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho Pereira is a Portuguese guy, born in November… a scorpion. Lives in Oeiras and studied Architecture and Game Development. Likes to play videogames, meditate, practice yoga and go to the gym. Worked as Executive Director of Pois, yet is now focused on his work as a Game Developer.

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