Kay Gomes, the Spicy Boy of February

For February, our spicy boy is Kaíque Gomes, better known as Kay. He lives in Lisbon, but comes from Minas Gerais in Brazil. A state famous for it’s cheese bread and it’s Folklore parties.

On his spare times, he likes to be with friends, go out, watch Netflix, listening to music, dance, or even meet new places and people.

He lives in Portugal almost for eighteen years. Although he recently moved to Lisbon to live and follow a live of adventure and discovery. He works as a bartender in a disco in Lisbon.

For him, a smile is stronger than a thousand words.

Who knows maybe you will get lucky to be served by him or even get a free drink on your night out. Check more pics of him on his Instagram: @kayygms

This photoshoot was offered by and made by the talented photographer David Velez, whose work speaks for himself. You can check more works at or at his Instagram: @dvfots

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