David Rodrigues, the spicy boy of January

The spicy for January is David Rodrigues, he is single and lives in Lisbon, although he comes from Viseu. City best known for having one of the oldest popular fairs from Portugal and more recently for being one of the cities with more roundabouts.

This spicy likes to spend his spare times with friends, going out, taking walks through the city, eating out, meeting new places and people to explore. He also loves music and believes that “a life without music is a mistake”.

With an open mind, he welcomes new experiences and challenges.  He lived for four years in England, where he acquired his new ways of thinking and being in life, and where he learnt most of his British English accent and writing.

He believes that the mind is everything, what you imagine, or think will become reality and that it can change the world. He stands up that we should express ourselves without fear or prejudice and be the best part of us.

Maybe our spicy can teach you some tips of English or even present you some challenges. Get to know him a bit more on his Instagram: @drodrigz7

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