“You should get a job in construction and take that silicone off because you can handle that!”

Some of the words Cátia has heard from her social assistant!

Cátia Filipa Nunes, is a 40-years-old transgender woman that lives in the streets of Lisbon for about 3 years. Since loosing her job, she has seen all doors close and lost all the help needed to support her life. In times she was the face from the Abraço Gala and she was even considered one of the best transvestite divas. “Everyone ignore me, seems that after I was dumped on the streets, I became invisible” by Cátia

In the beginning of 2019, all her dental prostheses were removed when she was hospitalized with pneumonia, which in turn makes the search for jobs and the way out of this situation even harder.

Nelson Farrim on the left with the dog Nina, Catia Filipa Nunes and her companion.

Cátia and her companion seek jobs in any area that may help them rent a room where they can live with their dog Nina. So far no luck is on their side!

Nina is part of the family. They have refused asylum from the government because the solution presented in 2018 was to separate all three of them, Cátia would go to an Albergue/Hostel, her companion for a rehabilitation center and Nina for dog kennel. “For me this is not a solution! We are a family, so we are going to stay together. Even if we need to stay on the street!” says Cátia.

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Nelson Farrim

Nelson Farrim

Nelson de Pina Farrim is the Founder of the News Portal Pois.pt, he was born on the 15th July 1991. Studied physiotherapy, but early on he understood that his path would take him through activism for the women and the LGBT+ community rights, which lead him to create the portal Pois.pt. He’s a model, likes to play videogames and practices gym.

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