Tiago Braga plays at Porto Pride, September 14th

This is going to be the most important concert of my career so far! It’s going to test me as a musician, as an artist and as a performer.

A few days from Porto Pride 2019, we talked with Tiago Braga, the Portuguese pop artist who has been making headlines in magazines because of the transparency with which he represents gay love in his music videos.

Nelson Farrim: We are only a few days away from your Porto Pride 2019 concert. Are you nervous?

Tiago Braga: Of course, as any self-respecting gay I couldn’t help but be a little nervous before an important event, right? But I’m also really looking forward to being on that stage! But yes, of course I feel a little nervous about the responsibility that comes with it. I think the Porto Pride organization has taken a vote of confidence in me and I want to make sure I’m up to the expectations.

NF: And speaking of expectations, what are yours for this event?

TB: I hope it is a Pride with as much people as the one in Lisbon. Although I am biased because I am from the North, I believe that the people of Porto are warmer and know how to throw more intense parties than the Lisbon crowds. So as long as there’s good weather on Saturday I believe the event will be great.

Because it has to be, after all it is the first big LGBTI event, besides the pride march, that is happening in the city of Porto. Especially in an election time, it is important for the LGBTI community to make themselves heard and to make everyone know that we are not a “minority” as they paint us. And having lots of people coming to events like Porto Pride and the pride marches is the best statement you can make.

NF: And besides, this concert is very important to you on a personal level, right?

TB: Yes, of course. This is going to be the most important concert of my career so far! It’s going to test me as a musician, as an artist and as a performer. It will be the first time that I will have a concert designed and assembled by me and for me, from beginning to end, with a complete band on stage and where I can truly show what I am worth as an artist. I love to do acoustic showcases because they are more intimate concerts, with a smaller audience where it’s just me and a piano or a guitar. The magic in the room is different, but there are things I can’t show in an acoustic showcase. And that’s exactly what this concert is for.

NF: And what about special guests, will you have any?

TB: Yes I will! And it won’t be just one. I will be lucky to have several guests at different times of my concert. Pride is a celebration of diversity and I wanted my concert to be in tune with that, so it never made sense for me to be alone on stage.

NF: And can you unravel any of the guests?

TB: I could, but let’s be honest, a man is always more interesting when he has a hint of mystery, so you’ll really have to show up on Saturday at 5:30 pm to find out!

And you can do that right on this Saturday at Porto Pride. Tiago Braga’s concert is scheduled to start at 5:30 pm at Praça D. João I.

Don’t forget to follow Tiago on social networks to keep up with the news:

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tiagobragamusic

Facebook: https://facebook.com/tiagobragamusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tiagobragamusic

YouTube: https://youtube.com/tiagobragamusic

Photos by Manuel Lobo Guerra

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