The newest candidate for the presidency of the United States, Pete Buttigieg is Gay

Pete Buttigieg

The newest candidate for the presidency of the United States, Pete Buttigieg, passed a very small margin or controversial test of the small state of Iowa for the choice of the candidate that the Democratic Party will show in the elections of November. Regardless of the results, a star’s rise has become irreversible. Do they have the previous reasons for a search?

It is notorious who the former mayor of South Bend is – so any experience in national posts, as indicated, as a weakness, or until now a national favorite, Senator Joe Biden, 77 years old – disputes for a conservative time or field in the former vice president and progressive of Senator Bernie Sanders (78) and also of Senator Elizabeth Warren (70), another favorite. And it disputes them in the proposal plan, as a political reform, which includes the direct and universal selection of the president, a universal health system and the defense of the rights of homosexuals, and, they say, for the brilliance of the rhetoric.

From Catholic to Anglican

He publicly assumes himself homosexual (he is married to a teacher he met on a dating site) and presents himself as a Christian (includes biblical quotes in speeches) and defender of American values.

With a Catholic background (he studied at colleges of this confession), he was modeled by the progressive Salvadoran bishop Oscar Romero (murdered under the orders of the dictatorship in 1980). He became an Anglican because the most progressive and open he found in the USA was the Episcopal Church – it was the one to name the first “gay” bishop in 2003.

The majority of profiles in the press converge that Buttigieg is an intelligent and cultured man. Graduated from Harvard in History and Literature, graduated in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford and speaks five languages ​​in addition to English – French, Spanish, Italian, Maltese and Arabic, “scratching” Dari (Afghanistan Persian) and Danish .

He worked for an international consultant in Chicago and was a volunteer in the Navy, where he specialized in “intelligence”. He was a lieutenant in the reserve when, in 2014, he went to serve seven months in Afghanistan, suspending the mayor’s term.

He was 29 years old when he returned to his hometown with the promise of making it reborn from the industrial decline, rebuilding the glory of the ruins of factories like the Studebaker (cars), which ended in 1966, fighting unemployment (fell to 3.7%) and give priority to urban rehabilitation (the official website of its campaign talks about attracting US $ 400 million and it is said that a luxury condominium was the first to open in 50 years).

Local supporters praise his achievements. But there are detractors and unresolved problems, such as the lack of attention to the suburbs, where there are complaints of privileging the center, and racial tensions (40% of the local population is black) and police behavior.

The shooting of a black man by a policeman in early June was Buttigieg, still mayor of the House, forced him to stop the campaign to try to appease moods, face demonstrations and have to look the victim’s family in the eye. A CNN report in January shows that there are living resentments, but the next ones say the candidate has learned a lot from the case – even to be president of the United States.

In the midst of a discussion about racist violence in the summer, the BBC raised what the candidates think. De Pete Buttigieg said: “Blame the ideology of white nationalism” tolerated at the highest levels of our government “”.

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