The Colors for the New Year’s Eve

Choose what you want to bring to your life!

2019 has been, overall, a year full of challenges, with global headlines packed with dramatic events, from the progressively noticeable consequences of climate change, to high levels of political instability hitting traditionally stable democracies, to an expanding world-wide threat of terrorism.

If 2019 hasn’t lived up to your expectations, don’t let that tear you down: we’ll soon be entering not only a new year, but a new decade too – and with all the foreseen developments in the technological and pharmaceutical industries together with a bunch of much anticipated movies and hit singles in the making, things can only get better!

There’s no magic potion to have an outstanding year – it can only be achieved with a good quantum of hard-work and perseverance.
But for several generations, people from all corners of the world have believed that pursuing certain traditions could play a role.
One of the most universally followed traditions is to, on New Year’s Eve, wear undergarments of a color that symbolizes your biggest desires for the New Year.
After days of fervent research, I concluded that no one really knows the story behind this tradition – and there’s no evidence that it actually works.
But, just in case, we don’t want to miss a chance to start the New Year with a sprinkle of good luck.

To help you choose, as I’m pretty sure you’re all very busy working on those fabulous New Year Resolutions (which are far more important than picking your undies) I made a list of the symbology behind each color!


Blue brings us a sense of tranquility and comfort as it reminds us of the sea and the sky. Tradition says that wearing blue underwear on New Year’s Eve promotes wellness and good health.
If you’ve been coughing a little bit more than usual lately, why not give blue a try?


Red is the color of passion and romance. If your dating life is as agitated as a Lana Del Rey song, then red is your color.
In certain parts of the world, such as China, red is seen as a symbol of good luck and it’s the most worn color on the Chinese New Year!


Green is the color of life, purity and nature. It’s traditionally associated with good luck – if you feel like you could use a bit of luck, wether it is to pass your exams or to get that promotion you’ve waiting for, then green is the right choice for you.


White symbolizes peace and purity. It’s the brightest of colors and you should wear it if you want to experience a year full of happiness, peace and joy.


Yellow is a very happy color and it’s superstitiously associated with wealth and prosperity, as it reminds us of gold.
If achieving a more comfortable financial situation is a priority to you, start 2020 with a shade of yellow.


Yes, black is a tone that goes well with any outfit and matches any color, but let’s not forget that it is the result of the absence of light.
You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, so please, do not wear black on New Year’s Eve – no matter what!

Always remember that no matter what superstitions you believe in, none will ever get you as far as believing in yourself.
Dream high, work hard and find light within you and you’re sure to head the right way.
I’d like to wish all our readers a very happy and prosperous 2020. <3

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Bruno de Moura Roque

Bruno de Moura Roque

Bruno de Moura Roque is a Portuguese stylist, model and promoter. He became a model at the age of 15 and it was then that he began to develop his passion for fashion. He studied Fashion in Milan and Tokyo, focusing mainly on men's fashion. Since then, he has traveled to more than 100 countries, where he had the opportunity to attend and participate on a wide variety of fashion events.

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