The beach is a magical place

The beach is a magical place.
A place where there’s no space for insecurities, where the sun gives us that lovely golden tone and where we relax with the sound of the waves.
Whether you’re attending a wedding, going for a swim, spending the afternoon relaxing or just showing off the summer-body you worked so hard on all year, the beach is clearly in your plans this summer.

Although the beach is traditionally a place where we try to be comfortable and we care less about what we wear, for those who like to be fashionable at all times, even at the beach there’s a dress-code!

If you have been wondering how can you stay comfortable and still rock those Instagram Stories, this article is for you!

Before we talk about clothing, there are two cosmetics that, whatever your reason to go to the beach is, are not negotiable:


Our skin is an organ that is not only very important due to its protective role, but also very fragile. It’s our organ that’s most directly exposed to the outside world and it’s therefore crucial that we take good care of it.
A sunburn can cause permanent marks on your skin such as moles and freckles, and it can also result in eventual health problems. Always wear a sunscreen that suits your skin tone.


Need I say more?

Fabrics and Tones

Not only for your comfort but also to allow your body to breathe, you should always choose light and fresh fabrics such as linen, cotton or silk. Avoid synthetic fabrics.

Regarding the tones, always opt for lighter tones because they don’t absorb the heath as much as darker tones. This season we can observe a strong presence of unruly patterns as well as earth tones on the catwalks of the most prestigious fashion events.
Let nature inspire you. Flowered/Hawaiian shirts and T-shirts are a great investment and are suitable for various situations.


These small accessories are absolutely essential: Not only because they protect your eyes from evil ultraviolet rays, but also because they, when well-chosen, give an instant upgrade to any look.

But with so many available options and all of them so similar, how do you choose the perfect pair? There is a whole science behind finding the perfect glasses. It is important to find a shape that enhances your facial bone structure.
You can find fantastic tips on this site:


Sandals have been, for many years, a kind of ‘anti-fashion’. But this summer, everything has changed. Not only have they become acceptable, they have also become the most popular choice of footwear for the best designers. The comfort they offer is unquestionable, so give your trainers and your flip-flops a rest and invest in a good pair of sandals!


It is almost unnecessary to talk about jackets in the summer, but some more formal events as well as longer ‘sunsets’ sometimes require some extra protection.
A very interesting fashion statement that we can see this year is blazers with nothing underneath. They are worn wide and preferably double breasted. It’s a great way to show off that summer-body without getting cold!

Whatever you decide to wear, remember, the sea is home to millions of living beings. Everything you leave on the beach eventually ends up in the sea, so when you leave the beach, please take your trash and your cigarette butts with you.

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Bruno de Moura Roque

Bruno de Moura Roque

Bruno de Moura Roque is a Portuguese stylist, model and promoter. He became a model at the age of 15 and it was then that he began to develop his passion for fashion. He studied Fashion in Milan and Tokyo, focusing mainly on men's fashion. Since then, he has traveled to more than 100 countries, where he had the opportunity to attend and participate on a wide variety of fashion events.

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