Study reveals that transgender adolescents have a greater risk of suicide

A study conducted in the United States, and recently published by the journal Pediatrics, revealed that within the LGBT + Universe, transgender adolescents are at greater risk of attempting suicide than cisenders.

According to the survey data, trans men are the most susceptible to self-destructive thoughts, in which 50.8% said they have tried to take their own lives at least once.

Second, trans young people between 11 and 19 years old who identify themselves as non-binary (that do not fit either as male or female) and represent 41.8% of respondents. In third place are the trans women who concentrate 29.9% of this universe.

Among the cisenders people, the girls usually have more suicidal thoughts, with 17,6%, whereas the boys present the index of 9,8%.

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Nelson Farrim

Nelson Farrim

Nelson de Pina Farrim is the Founder of the News Portal, he was born on the 15th July 1991. Studied physiotherapy, but early on he understood that his path would take him through activism for the women and the LGBT+ community rights, which lead him to create the portal He’s a model, likes to play videogames and practices gym.

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