Robert Biedron Launches new progressive political party

The first Poland gay politician has launched a new progressive, pro-European Union political party, Wiosna (Spring).

Robert Biedron, former mayor of the town of Slupsk, wishes to challenge the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party. Poland prepares for national and European elections this year of 2019.

“In recent years we had a really tough choice. On one hand we had politics of statistics and economical indicators. On the other hand, we had a grotesque caricature of democracy, with constitutional breaches, limitations on women’s rights, and propaganda instead of public media.” Said Biedron in a rally in the capital of Warsaw.

Biedron, a 42-year-old former mayor, vows to introduce the recognition of LGBT partnerships, equal pay for women and better access to abortion and reproductive rights, as well as pension for elderly people. He also wants to move any and all politics away from the church.

This new party, Spring will run the elections on May for the European Parliament and Poland’s Parliament, which will be later this year.

“We are the Spring, we bring in fresh air to Polish politics,” 

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