Ricardo Lérias the Spicy April

Ricardo Lérias was born almost 36 years ago in Lisbon, more precisely in Principe Real.  This Libra guy is deeply in love with people. And this love is what always made him move and it determined the way he lives life. Raised in Serpa, he always wanted to become a veterinarian when he was young, because of his love for animals.

Although he also developed a profound care and love for theater, which he latter followed has his professional path. With several experiences in the area.

Having an interest for the unknow and for the higher purpose, made him back in 2004 to study Reiki, where he found his inner path.

Reiki master and Meditation guide since 2007, he guides his life with principles of Healing, Peace and Love. He has a space in Saldanha, Terapias Holisticas, where he works to develop his inner self and help other achieve development and growth.

The theatre helped him find the man that makes him feel the happiest man in the world, Bruno Rosa. And after a fantastic marriage proposal by Bruno, they both married on the 13th of September 2014 surrounded by love and all those they consider family and friends.

Defenders and supporters of the LGBT rights, they want to share a message to the World, of Equality, Freedom and Love. And for that matter they participated in a Portuguese magazine, Revista Cristina, where they show to all that you can be happy together with whom you feel.

This made them thing in creating the movement #deixaoamorentrar , which we will all have news soon.

Ricardo Lérias is a reflexion of all those that walked through his life and share their love with him. Travels, cinema, photography, history, football are some of his personal interests.

Who knows if he can teach and help you find your inner peace and your inner self? Check more on his Instagram: @riclerias

This photoshoot was offered by and made by the talented photographer David Velez, whose work speaks for himself. You can check more works at or at his Instagram: @dvfots

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