Portugal celebrates today nine years since same-sex marriage was approved

What was thought to be a right of all human beings, the possibility of same-sex marriage had to be conquered. This conquest was made possible on the expense of much work from the LGBT activists, which made it possible 9 years ago, turning the 8th of January 2010 a reality.

The proposal of the Government was made possible with the votes of all the benches of the left, but with some opposition from the PSD and CDS parties.

We recall today a few words from the former Prime Minister José Sócrates: “We take a step of the utmost importance in order to combat the discrimination and injustice that existed in Portuguese society,” he said, affirming his satisfaction to lead the Socialist Party “in the sense that a humanist must do what must be done, “that is,” combat the injustices of others as if they were injustices against us, to combat the legal norms that prevent equality as if it were affecting us. ” “It is a historic moment for the Assembly of the Republic and I am very pleased to have participated!”

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