in launches its LGBT+ superhero

A superhero for all! presents its LGBT+ superhero.

With its embryo around October 2018, the main idea was to create a mascot to represent the News Portal as well as the LGBT+ community.

This superhero will fight prejudice, will struggle for representativeness and the unity of the community, promoting interaction with all those that cross its path as well as being a source of inspiration to those that fear acceptance or even that are afraid and scared to acknowledge themselves, through the use of its powers of Information, Communication and Inspiration.

Designed and drawn by the hands of the amazing artist/illustrator @Vampiralho, the superhero suffered some evolutions over the course of its process of development, to accommodate and follow the objectives and ideas that made him exist. Since March 2019, this drawing was registered at IGAC, a Portuguese company to Inspect and Regulate Cultural Activities and protect ownership.

You can check some of the drawings from its evolution, studies and bases, that the artist/illustrator used to create this project, in the following gallery…

Its truest identity?

To be honest, the reality is that this superhero can be a man, a woman or a transgender, as the choice will mainly be decided by anyone that sees it or uses it as an inspiration. Since any identity can be used or applied to this character. (even if it has man features!)

At the moment, it’s taking its biggest travel and transformation from the paper to reality. And very soon you may be able to find it walking around the streets of the city of Lisbon, as well as any other that might travel to. Not only that, it will be present at Prides, parties, festivals or even parades from the community.

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