New Digital Monument to Celebrate Stonewall

Google and NYC’s LGBT+ Community Center launch “Stonewall Forever”.

Google and NYC’s LGBT+ Community Center launch digital monument to celebrate Stonewall, named “Stonewall Forever Living Monument”.  

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots which kick-started the modern gay rights movements across the globe. So, Google teamed up with NYC’s LGBT+ Community Center to create a project that remembers those pioneering LGBT+ people who fought on that night. Back in 2016, President Obama named the entire Christopher Street, the Stonewall Monument.

About Stonewall Forever

This project is a digital extension of the Stonewall Monument and allows people to interact and experience, through mobile, desktop, pads, or even augmented reality to witness events or even talk to any of the pioneers, when near the Stonewall Inn and on the street.

With stunning evocative audio of voices from the uprising that play as you scroll through a rainbow of floating gems, you can also click on the gems and watch powerful interview snippets from the movement leader and talk/hear Marsha P. Johnson and Randy Wicker discussing the raids that started the rebellion and Martin Boyce describing how the riots started. There are also many pictures and photos from the time!

“Stonewall is such a big moment in our history”, expressed Glennda Testone, executive director of the NYC’s LGBT+ Community Center, “It is what created the modern-day civil rights movement; it’s a symbol for LGBTQ equality around the globe.”

Also, Google company has created a doodle to celebrate the 50 years of LGBT+ history and Pride since Stonewall, designed by the artist Nate Swinehart and take users through a slideshow timeline of important dates and Prides.

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