New Coca-Cola’s LGBT Ads spark Boycotts in Hungary

Seams that while some give steps forward and promote diversity, others get outraged by advertisements!

New Coca-Cola’s LGBT ads seem to be causing some issues over in Hungary, as the conservative party calls for boycotts over their pro-LGBT campaign. István Boldog, the deputy speaker of the nationalists Fidesz party, thinks that the new posters and campaign, featuring smiling same-sex couples are “provocative” and not appropriate.

“Until they remove their provocative posters from Hungary, I will not consume their products! I’m asking everyone!” says his personal Facebook account.

“The homosexual lobby is laying siege to Budapest, leaving no space to avoid this,” say some conservative media over in Hungary, an anti-abortion group has a petition to remove the billboards and stop this campaign!

 With an amazing slogan #LoveIsLove and “Zero sugar, zero prejudice”, is connected to the Sziget music festival which starts this Wednesday in Budapest, as the theme of the festival is “Love Revolution” and expects to draw a crowd of around 500,000 people.

Coca-Cola defended the campaign in a statement. “We believe that both heterosexuals and homosexuals have the right to love a person the best they can.

“In our advertisements, posts, and messages, we express the principles we represent, and thus our belief in equality between people.

“We believe that in a world based on these values, everyone can live freely, happily. The right to love and be loved belongs to everyone.”

Although same-sex marriage is not legal, registered partnerships were legalized in 2009, making same-sex couples not able to have the same rights as opposite-sex couples.

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Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho

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