Netflix is getting even more gay-friendly

Fantastic news from the New York Comic-con: the long-awaited reboot from the Netflix series She-Ra will have assumed gay characters.

This news was presented during a panel for the series, where its creator Noelle Stevenson and the
cast Aimee Carrero, Karen Fukuhara and Marcos Scribner answered some questions from the
audience, Carrero mentioned that the main character from the series, Bow, will have two fathers.

Scribner, the voice behind Bow, contributed expressing that “Without spoiling much and ruining the
storyline, it’s important to reflect on the world we live in. And that this matter should not be a problem in the current days, Bow has two fathers. Nowadays we have plenty of modern families with parents from the same sex, so this should be addressed!”

Fukuhara, who gives voice to Glimmer, also suggested that Bow’s fathers will have a great and
fundamental focus on the first season. (no more spoilers to what that focus will be)

This news will be well accepted among She-Ra fans, since most of them recognize the main character as a gay icon. The original series came out in the late 80s as a spin-off of the popular series He-Man and the masters of the Universe. Like She-Ra, He-Man also keeps up a great number of gay followers for its characters being mainly muscular and almost undressed men.

On the original series, an evil army sequestered Princess Adora of Eternia and took her to a distant
planet. When her twin-brother, prince Adam, discovers a magical and sacred sword he becomes his
alter-ego He-Man. He then travels the universe in search of the princess to save her and find his and hers destiny. The new series will follow the original story, although Netflix hasn’t confirmed the
presence of He-Man has of yet!

She-Ra will debut on Netflix, November 16th.

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