More than half of the British support LGBT Lessons

According to new research from Stonewall, the British back up teachers telling students about LGBT+ families.

More than half of British people support LGBT lessons in primary schools, this comes after the BBC audience expressed outrage towards a book about a gay penguin couple raising a chick. Stonewall research shows that 60 percent of the British people support this initiative for primary schools.

The research also shows that the support is higher among young people, between the age of 16 to 24, with 68 percent in favour; on another note, this also shows that 45 percent are bullied because of their sexuality.

Some teachers defend that children should be taught about all kinds of families: “single mums, single dads, people who live with their grandparents, people who are adopted”, plus this list should also include children who have “two dads or two mums”.

“The earlier we have these conversations, the earlier we get the chance to educate them and teach them about being inclusive,” says one teacher, Caprice Fox “Let them have questions. Be honest and open with them. By opening up these conversations, this dialogue, we’re moulding them into well rounded and kind young adults.”

Paul Twocock, Chief Executive from Stonewall said: “LGBT-inclusive education is life-changing teaching for so many young people, which is why it’s so powerful to see so much of the British public support the new legislation.

“This move towards inclusive teaching marks the beginning of the end of the dark era that Stonewall has been working towards since we were founded 30 years ago.”

Sadly, several protests against LGBT+ inclusive lessons have been occurring throughout this year, outside primary schools in Birmingham.

cover image by The Guardian

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Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho

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