Human Rights Campaign asks Trump to stop with regressions against Gays and Transgender

Human Rights Campaign asked Trump administration to stop with regressions against transgender and gay people, after a report of the project came out on The New York Times.

“Creating a destructive unprecedented, Trump-Pence administration wants to erase LGBT people
from the protection of federal civil rights and completely destroy the laws against discrimination” said
Chad Hunter Griggin.

Human Rights Campaign is among the groups and campaigns that fight for the LGBT rights, so they
appealed the Congress to promulgate a legislation to protect transgender rights, in case the Trump
administration decides to go with their plan.

A report from the Times expresses that the Department of health and Human Services is working to
define the sex of a person under the Title IX, as man or woman when someone is born. This proposal might be presented to the Department of Justice until the end of the year. “Sex defines the state of the person as a man or woman based on their biological and immutable traces” says the proposal.

Vanita Gupta, director of the Leadership of the Civil Rights and Human Rights Conference, expresses that this proposal “goes against the medical community, science, the laws of civil rights, the tribunals and all the human decency”.

The sketch of this proposal would be the most recent try to oppress the Obama politics about gender identity and LGBT rights.

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