First Anniversary of “Sweet & Spicy”

The surprises are still coming up!

September sees a celebration from, the launch of our project “Sweet & Spicy Boy”. This project was meant to present you two boys, one Sweet and one Spicy, which are released at the beginning of each month! The Sweet boy represents the cute, caring, innocent and introvert side of the boys while the Spicy boy, shows us the naughty, hot, seductive and sassy side.  

Right now you should be thinking: “Well today is the 8th of September and still no new Sweet & Spicy boy?”. This is where we have something to give, since this is the celebration of our first anniversary, we have prepared a different month. But first let’s remember all the “Sweet & Spicy boy” that have passed on Pois since our launch one year ago.

We have started this project with none other than our founder Nelson Farrim, and the now subdirector Miguel Soromenho Pereira, as Sweet and Spicy boy respectively.

During Halloween month we had the boys Daniel Padrino and Santt Rose.

In November Igor Oliveira and Guilherme Reis.

Christmas gave us Ruben Miguel and Ruben Seromenho, the month of rubens!

January came accompanied by Miguel Vargues and David Rodrigues.

The Valentine’s month we had José Elpídio and Kay Gomes.

In March the boys Luis Sampaio and Daniel Pereira.

The Easter season brought us the bunnies Bruno Rosa and Ricardo Lérias.

May we saw the boys Pedro Parreira and Giovanni Freitas 

Bruno de Moura Roque and Juan Henning opened up the Summer. 

July came with the boys Miguel Soares and Filipe Santos.

Lastly, the hot season of August was felt with the help of Gabriel Gonçalves and Júnior Castro.

So after this class revision, comes the taste of surprise! During this month, we will have a battle on our Instagram to elect the Sweet & Spicy Boy of the year! We will raffle two boys from each category so that you all can choose which you prefer to get to the next phase. But if you count the participants, Nelson and Miguel are out for obvious reasons, we will have a total of 11 people from each side. So during the first elimination round the last names drawn will be protected for the elimination… “Shantay You Stay”

The battle and voting will happen at 9pm, each day on our Instagram stories and you will have 24h to choose and vote! So vote carefully. You may accompany the winners from each battle on our Instagram or even on our website at Sweet & Spicy Battle page, which will be featured on our main page during this month!

The winners will get a trip for four on a boat, with possible sightings of dolphins, at the Natural Coast from Serra da Arrábida. 

Before we leave you all, we still want to mention and thank our photographer David Velez for all the work and photos during this time!

So how about check and review all the participants and choose your favorites to win the prize… VOTE!

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Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho Pereira is a Portuguese guy, born in November… a scorpion. Lives in Oeiras and studied Architecture and Game Development. Likes to play videogames, meditate, practice yoga and go to the gym. Works as Executive Director of Pois since January 2019.

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