DRAG SOS starts on the openness of the British Public

The Stars of “Drag SOS” talk about the openness of the British Public to Drag Queens and the show!

The Stars of the show “Drag SOS” talk about how open the British Public are to Drag culture and the influence it has for all.

As a sort of Queer Eye meets drag show, this new project by Channel 4 presents a group of Drags, Liquorice Black, Lill, Asttina Mandella, Cheddar Gorgeous, Anna Phylactic, Tete Bang and Donna Trump. The group of Drags travel up and down the country to meet people and help/teach them to get in touch with their inner drag personas.

“Drag collective the Family Gorgeous help unlikely protégées to unlock their long-lost confidence and become bolder, braver drag-enhanced versions of themselves – all with a generous splash of glitter” – description of the series according to Channel 4 website.

“It was surprising just how open the British public are to drag. I had a few questions about my gender, but overall people weren’t too fussed – they’d just smile” – says TeTe Bang

“We met all sorts of characters,” Liquorice Black adds “Some really shy people: we worked with a farmer, a personal trainer… it’s not just people from the LGBTQ community, everyone’s involved.”

Lill acknowledges that “It’s a triumphant show. The people we meet might be going through some trouble in their life, or are stuck in a rut, and we coach them to be able to express themselves in the way that they want.”

For Anna Phylactic “Most of the time, you feel a million dollars. You’ve got this giant spotlight on you and everyone’s telling you how fabulous you are.”

“I think of it as trying to take what no one is seeing about you, that special quality you know is inside you, and making it the only thing people see.” Concludes Cheddar Gorgeous

The show will air on Channel 4 starting from June 25, where the cast will travel to many towns including Ipswich, Scarborough, Dover and Dudley, and according to all, they will help not just LGBT+ people to embrace their drag personas, but also many others.

cover photo: Channel 4

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