DON´T GET LOST! Pride LGBT + dates for 2019

Following is a list of important dates and events that will take place during the year 2019. This list will be organized for months of the year, with reference to countries in the course of events.

Do not forget that Eurovison 14 May, and Europride Viena 1st June!

– March


International Transgender Day of Visibility

A day to support the trans community, bringing attention to all the achievements trans people have achieved in order to promote the fight against transphobia.

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– April

01-04-2019 to 07-04-2019

Miami Beach Pride


Day of Silence

This day varies from year to year, organized mostly by students in the fight against bullying and bullying in schools, calling attention to calling names to people who can be considered LGBT through a vow of silence.


Lesbian Visibility Day

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– May

02-05-2019 a 12-05-2019

Gay Pride Maspalomas

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International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

A day that marks the world’s attention to the way gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and intersex people do not conform to gender nor sex norms.

17-05-2019 a 19-05-2019

The Belgian Pride | Brussels

17-05-2019 a 20-05-2019

Havana Gay Pride

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25-05-2019 a 26-05-2019

Birmingham Pride

31-05-2019 a 11-06-2019

Boston Pride

– June


Disney Pride @ Disneyland Paris

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01-06-2019 a 09-06-2019

Los Angeles Pride

01-06-2019 a 16-06-2019

EuroPride Viena 2019
EuroPride 2019 Vienna

Vienna was chosen to host the 2019 EuroPride with the motto “Visions of Pride” – an invitation to everyone to put personal visions into reality. More than one million people are expected to attend the festival, held in the city center, around the town square from June 1 to 26, with the Rainbow Parade on Saturday, June 15. Every year, the annual Life Ball, which raises money for HIV and AIDS-related charities, is often where you meet celebrities and DJs from around the world.

Zurich Pride

01-06-2019 a 30-06-2019

World Pride NYC

World Pride NYC


Athens Pride

Roma Pride

Sofia Pride

Zagreb Pride

Zagreb Gay Pride Parade 2018

12-06-2019 a 15-06-2019

Ibiza Pride

Ibiza Pride 2019


Tel Aviv Pride

Eurovision Tel Aviv 2019

Image result for eurovision 2019

14-06-2019 a 23-06-2019

Oslo Pride


Lisbon Gay Pride

Image result for gay pride lisbon

22-06-2019 a 23-06-2019

Chicago Pride


São Paulo Pride

Sao Paulo Pride 2019

24-06-2019 a 30-06-2019

Helsinki Pride

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is helsinki-pride-2019-main-480x240.jpg

27-06-2019 a 07-07-2019

Madrid Orgullo MADO

28-06-2019 a 30-06-2019

Pride Barcelona


Paris Gay Pride 2019 + Marche des Fiertés

29-06-2019 a 30-06-2019

San Francisco Pride

– July


Budapest Pride


Pride in London


Berlin Gay Pride CSD

27-07-2019 a 04-08-2019

Pride Amsterdam

29-07-2019 a 03-08-2019

Stockholm Pride

– August

05-08-2019 a 11-08-2019

Prague Gay Pride

07-08-2019 a 11-08-2019

Cartagena Gay Pride

08-08-2019 a 09-08-2019

Queens on the Run II : to Drag with Pride

Queens on the Run II : to Drag with Pride

08-08-2019 a 17-08-2019

Reykjavik Pride

13-08-2019 a 18-08-2019

Copenhagen Pride

23-08-2019 a 26-08-2019

Manchester Pride

– September


Celebrate Bisexuality day

image representing bisexuality day from wikipedia

– October


National Coming Out Day

On this day we celebrate all the experiences and journeys that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer People have taken since they have open up to all those that surround themselves about their sexuality and choices.

Image result for coming out day

– December


World Aids Day

Image result for world aids day by CDC

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