Denmark could allow sex change for Transgender Teens

People under 18 years-old, could soon be able to legally change their gender on identification and official documentations.

Denmark could soon allow transgender teen people to legally change their gender on identification and official documentations. The first law change was made back in 2018 under the previous government, which said it could help improve equality for transgender people.

Although since 2014, Denmark allows people under the age of 18 to change their gender in a legal sense, meaning, that they can be described or addressed by their gender identity on the Central Personal Registration. This confers a number to the person which provides access to public health and is also used as an ID by banks, mobile companies and gym services.

The four parliamentary parties want to correct and address the issue caused by these numbers, since even number are given to women and odd numbers to men, and transgender people often experience confusion or difficulty when using their numbers or ID.

“We know that it means a lot to children who do not identify as the gender denoted by their CPR number. It puts them in a lot of uncomfortable situations,” Red Green Alliance equality spokesperson Mai Villadsen

The last government had a panel to analyse this issue as part of their Equality Plan for the LGBT+ announced in 2018. The four parties are still in discussion on how lower the age of legal gender change should be considered.

This change not only will affect Transgender people as will also include non-binary young people who wish to change their identity or noun used to describe them.

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Nelson Farrim

Nelson Farrim

Nelson de Pina Farrim is the Founder of the News Portal, he was born on the 15th July 1991. Studied physiotherapy, but early on he understood that his path would take him through activism for the women and the LGBT+ community rights, which lead him to create the portal He’s a model, likes to play videogames and practices gym.

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