Congressman Joe Kennedy Presents Solution Against Trump’s Trans Military Ban

Joe Kennedy’s solution is nonbiding, it’s one more statement against the ban, and he is trying to pass a law to block the ban for good.

Rep. Joe Kennedy III introduced, this Monday, a resolution that opposes Trump’s ban on the military service by transgender people. Urging the Department of Defense to not reinstate the ban.

 “No one willing to serve in our armed services and sacrifice for this country should be subjected to intolerance and bigotry from their commander in chief,” Kennedy said in a press release.

The resolution presented by Rep. Joe Kennedy III is sponsored by member of the House of Representatives, a Massachusetts Democrat and the chair of the Equality Caucus’s Transgender Equality Task Force.

Not only that, this Resolution also has the support of the National Center for Transgender Equality, the Human Rights Campaign, the American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal.

Transgender troops have been serving the US military since June 2016, when the Obama administration lifted the ban. Kennedy is also a lead sponsor of legislation that would block the ban and has championed many other pro-LGBT+ bills and policies.

Congressman Joe Kennedy III

“But beyond the message sent to our service members, the president’s tweets sent a hateful, harmful message to every single transgender man, woman and child in this nation. Today, my colleagues and I are not only rejecting this misguided policy, but telling every transgender American that they are seen, they are heard, and they will not be erased or discounted by their government.”

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