Casa do Cais’s Second Season arrives on January 20th

The long-awaited second season of the series that has yielded over one million YouTube views is getting closer and closer.

Casa do Cais, or #CasaDoCais as it is also known, is a Portuguese series made by RTP that introduces us to the daily life of a group of friends who live in the Cais de Sodré area, in Lisbon Portugal. In this group we have Ema (Peperan), Jay (Kiko is Hot), Alex (André Mariño), Lara (Soraia Carrega) and Beatriz (Helena Amaral).

Although the first season and the announcement of a second have caused some conservative outrage, the series is a milestone for the Portuguese LGBTQ + community and a great representation for national productions in terms of quality.

In this new part of the story, after being thrown out of their home, the five friends will have to learn the responsibilities of adulthood, but without forgetting the fun.

The second season of the series arrives on January 20th and features a lot of humor and LGBTQ + representation, with the news that the broadcast will also happen on RTP 1 (Portuguese TV channel)

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Luiz Garcia

Luiz Garcia

Luiz Guilherme Nunes Garcia is an Aries Brazilian boy, who loves Pop and Brazilian culture. He is currently studying languages and humanity; he wishes to follow a career in the communication and journalism area.

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