António Banderas Saved by Drag

The Spanish actor said he was driving a motorbike in 1976 when he got into a accident.

“The front wheel of my motorbike went into a ditch and, boom! I hit a car and my head hit the tank,” he told to The Independent. A ‘drag queen’ in a wig and dress – “came from nowhere, got in the middle of the road and stopped a car to take me to hospital”.

Pain and Glory tells story of gay film director.

Written and directed by his frequent collaborated Pedro Almodóvar, the Spanish-language drama sees Banderas play Salvador Mallo, a gay film director who finds himself examining his own past as his health declines.

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Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda is an artist, cultural critic and creative director of Pois. He writes for Pois since 2018. He also writes for other social media websites and he is a international art curator. Francisco studied in Lisbon and London, where he learned about art, management and luxury. Francisco Lacerda is responsible for major interviews: Duane Michals, Edouard Taufenbach, Anthony Lister, Manuel Braun.

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