New Management at BJWHF Sports Club

“Boys Just Wanna Have Fun” with new members and organization!

In 28th of September, there was an election for a new management at the Portuguese Sports Club Boys Just Wanna Have Fun.

The new management, led by Ricardo Veríssimo, got the most possible votes from all the associated partners that were present in this electoral event.

The 2019-2021 management is composed by the following members:

  • Director – Ricardo Veríssimo
  • Vice-Director – Álvaro Cardoso
  • General Secretary – Nuno Félix
  • Treasurer – Luís Pinto
  • Vowel – Ricardo Lopes
  • Vowel – Terry Martins
  • Vowel – Carlos Guerra
  • Extra – Rodrigo Gaspar
  • Extra – Luís Oliveira
  • Extra – Pedro Duarte

The non-profit association was born in 2010 and aims to promote inclusiveness through sports, regardless of sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, gender, sport level or even financial capacity. With almost 200 members, this association offers: Rugby, Volley, Swimming, Soccer, Running and Tango.

During it’s 10 years of existence and evolution, several National and International titles were earned, and consequently a growth in member numbers and sports styles offered. Also, Portugal evolved and changed some legal laws, specially in terms of defence and rights for minority groups and LGBT people.

Their main goal – being inclusive – continues to be one of the most important and unfinished tasks, and so for this new Management its one of their priorities to keep and work towards that goal.

This new management wishes to follow up on all agreements and promote a bigger synergy between Associations, Institutions both National and International, and Sports clubs.

You can find out more at their website BJWHF.

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Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho Pereira is a Portuguese guy, born in November… a scorpion. Lives in Oeiras and studied Architecture and Game Development. Likes to play videogames, meditate, practice yoga and go to the gym. Works as Executive Director of Pois since January 2019.

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