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Canada reduces blood donation ban for three months

Canada has reduced the blood donation ban for gay and bisexual men who have sex with other men for three months instead of the previous one year.

Canada has forbidden gay and bisexual men to donate blood since 1992. Although this ban had been changed in 2013 for this same group but they needed to abstain of having sex for at least FIVE years! In 2016, this period was reduced to one year.

Yesterday, Ginette Petitpas, Health minister of Canada, has announced this change. The new period for gay and bisexual men to be able to donate blood is now three months without gay sex. This new change shall enter into force in June the 3rd 2019.

The Canadian Blood Services is currently giving formation to all medical staff and other people to guarantee that this new law and change may be currently applied to the country.

Even so, several worldwide countries still ban gay and bisexual men who have gay sex to donate blood. In the last years, some of them have already adapted or even changed their laws to permit gay and bisexual men to donate blood if they would abstained themselves from having sex with other men for a specific period.

This blood donation bans have long been criticized by several LGBT+ organizations for almost two decades. Changes are needed, adaptation is the key!

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