Inês Pereira the Sweet&Spicy Girl of the Summer presents its girl for the summer season!

Inês Pereira, is a Leon girl with 26 years-old, born in Lisbon, but has lived most of her life in Oeiras. Studied Psychology and wishes to work as a Neuropsychologist as she believes “the mind of a human being is one of the most fascinating things of life.”

Two years ago, she spent three months on London and with all the good and bad of travelling alone to a different country and be away from all those we love the most, was without a doubt an experience that helped her grow.

She is crazy for animals, specially dogs. So, most of the times when she is walking around, she enjoys talking and caring for all the dogs she finds on the streets. She also loves her friends and if she could she would keep them all in a big magical pot!

A simple and genuine girl… sometimes to much, and people might take advantage!

Nowadays she lies alone in Lisbon.

The Sweet and Innocent side

As a human being she cherishes empathy towards others. Inês believes that empathy may seem a volatile concept, but in truth it’s this empathy that can make us wiser and sometimes be better to all that surrounds us. We never truly know what the other might have walked until this point, the way they see the world, so she tries to put herself on their shoes and understand them a bit more.

Her genuine side, the “Sweet” part of her believes she can help, even if it’s in a small thing, to better the world for someone, a simple gesture like a hug!

She likes to listen to music on maximum, be on her car or at home. She loves the sea, specially to seat in front of it and be in communion and peace with it. She likes to laugh and to make all that are close to her laugh even if it’s with dumb things! She enjoys the smell of sun cream. And “if all the simplicity and pureness of life won’t acknowledge these small things, I don’t know what it does!”

The Spicy and Seductive side

Inês believes that all women, independent of personality, body type and the clothes they wear… always have a sensual and seductive side. Most of the time it’s just a question of attitude and empowerment.

On her daily life and with all that she already has walked and learned, have made Inês a strong woman, sometimes the owner of herself, she likes to feel independent, free and that she is in control of her life (most times). And this is without a doubt the “tough” side of her, which is highly connected with her intimate life!

For her necks are beautiful and the hands are most one of the utmost interesting parts of a person’s body.

And that “when we work ourselves to the point of feeling and understanding that each part of our body is worthy of appreciation and admiration… we will hardly not feel sexy.”

Who knows which side you might encounter during your walks and nights out in Lisbon?

Check more of this sweet and sexy girl on her Instagram: @nennypereira

This photoshoot was offered by and made by the talented photographer David Velez, whose work speaks for himself. You can check more works at or at his Instagram: @dvfots

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Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho Pereira is a Portuguese guy, born in November… a scorpion. Lives in Oeiras and studied Architecture and Game Development. Likes to play videogames, meditate, practice yoga and go to the gym. Worked as Executive Director of Pois, yet is now focused on his work as a Game Developer.

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