Fabrícia Pereira the Sweet&Spicy Girl of Easter

Fabrícia Pereira is our first girl for this year!

Fabrícia Pereira, who is in love with the series Friends, likes to dance and to explore the world, meeting new places and new people to interact and meet. As a good Pisces, she loves the sea and takes her life very lightly.

This Psychologist and model lived in Blumenau, a city from the south of Brazil, in which the Oktoberfest happens, has worked for the Brazilian government, for six years, in the area of health, social and criminal.

“My life’s philosophy is to evolve and to love the other. To respect each human being, who is unique to our planet.  

And all the bad vibes and thoughts can be changed with Kindness.”

Her Sweet Side

Her favourite chocolate is Bounty. This little ant devours donuts, “pastel de nata”, ice cream, and cinnamon rolls…

What is your favourite candy?

Everyone has its own taste for candies, and that’s what makes us special and unique. “I believe in freedom of speech and the importance of each human being, to be well and happy with what he likes to do and eat.”

Fabrícia is also an actress and plays some parts in several cinematographic projects and soup operas for the Portuguese television.

Her Spicy Side

As a model, she likes to make pictures that transmit feelings or that make people stop and think about them. “I like Art in any photography as well as the body as a way to express and impress”. She also likes to go to paradisiac beaches where she can rest and be in peace with her body and soul free to wonder ….

Who knows which of her versions you might find or see in her next project or cinematographic recordings, the sweet or spicy version?

To meet and know more of Fabrícia Pereira, follow her on her Instagram: @fabriciajpereira

Happy Easter to All!

Hair made by the hand of Bruno Franco. Check more of his work on his Instagram:

Make Up made by the amazing Carla Paias. Check her work at her Instagram: @carlapaias_make_up

This photoshoot was offered by and made by the talented photographer David Velez, whose work speaks for himself. You can check more works at or at his Instagram: @dvfots

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