The Karlegacy

On 19th of February, the Fashion world lost one an iconic figure.

Karl Lagerfeld made his last breath in Neuilly-sur-Seine (Paris), letting behind him an Empire and a Name that will be never forgotten.

The fashion journey for Karl began in 1954 when he won the award of the “Secretariat international de la Laine” (International Wool Secretary) ex-aequo with another young and creative designer Yves Saint Laurent.  They were really close friends and at the same time the worse enemies.

He worked for Balmain and Jean Patou, as a freelance designer, he was a hard worker and hard-liner gentleman, so that in 1963 and in 1965, he became the artistic director for Chloé and Fendi .

In 1983, he left Chloé and began to work full time at Chanel, making this brand in the forgetfulness a huge War Machine with 2 Haute-couture collections and 6 Ready-to-wear collections per years. 
An intense rhythm, who express the renewal of the Chanel Legacy. 
Honoring the Know-how of the French “Métiers d’art” to the marvelous and unrealistic ready-to-wear fashion shows at Le Grand Palais in Paris.

Valerie Viard, his close assistant at Chanel for decades, takes the head of the Chanel artistic direction. We wish her the same success than Mr Lagerfeld.

By Ronan Gahinet: Ronan was born and raised in Paris, he knew since young age that fashion would be more than a passion. After years in Belgium, where he studied fashion and worked for fashion designer brands and fashion shows. After that he returned to Paris, the fashion capital, in order to work in a prestigious hotel in Place Vendôme as fashion consultant for celebrities, businessmen and fashion lovers.

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Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda is a Queer culture critic and creative director of Pois. He writes for Pois since 2018.

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