One message it is clear: "The world did not adapted to Variações". Sometimes we born in the wrong year.

This film is about António Variações or António Joaquim Rodrigues Ribeiro. It was directed by  João Maia. The film will be available on cinemas by 22th August 2019. António Variações or “Variações” will be the actor Sérgio Praia. The film also include the presence of well-known actors like Victoria Guerra and José Raposo.

The Film starts with the humble Vila where Variações was born, in the countryside f Portugal. It shows a boy working in a poor condition’s office. Later he returns to Netherlands where he gets most of his influences in music and hairdresser. Without any prejudice in minds, he decides to instal his first barber shop in Lisbon. With the help of a manager, he achieves a contract with an important agency of musicians, so called Valentim de Carvalho.

One night he goes to a Disco Club with many men and woman. On this night he sees again the love of his life, although married to a woman. Fernando Ataide, the love of Variações life, starts flirting with Fernando and strength even more both connection. Fernando has the idea of inviting Variações do performe at his new Club so called Trumps.

This film has a tragic end, with some romance and music. In the end Variações dies.

There are many constant references to Amália Rodriges, which in some cases looks strange.

This is a gay love story with a bad end. It can be a surprise for those who knew nothing or little about Variações. This is not a film to dance all the time. Many parts are very quiet. Some of them too quiet. Also do not make you understand if he was successful or not. The selections of the actors was good, as well the designs and costumes.

One message it is clear: “The world did not adapt to Variações”. Sometimes we born in the wrong year.

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Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda born in Lisbon, Portugal. Francisco is a Queer Art culture critic and director of Pois. He is a specialist in luxury and art, and writes for Pois since 2018.

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