“Rocket Man” is a prefect name for this film. Congratulations!!!

The 90´s generation may have forgotten this genius of music and the millenniums don’t even know who he is…but now they will know for sure! They will understand the beauty and originality of Sir. Elton John. This film is a musical. It shows the lonely and hard life of Elton John, but with a happy ending! This film is very good. It is amazing! Yes, it is also a LGBTQI film.

This film starts with the young and sad Elton. The boy who never had the support of his father. However, he had some support from Grandmother and Mother. Later, when he had a lot of success, Elton tries suicide. Sexuality and identity is also very present in this film. The selection of actors is perfect. Taron Egerton has a good voice and facial expression like Elton John. The flashback mode in the film is also very clever choice from director Dexter Flecher . “Rocket Man” is a prefect name for this film. Congratulations!!!

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Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda is a Queer culture critic and creative director of Pois. He writes for Pois since 2018.

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