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Girl, directed by Lukas Dhont

By Francisco Lacerda

Girl is a Belgian film directed by Lukas Dhont, who briefly arrives in theatres. The film was broadcasted at the Cannes Film Festival (2018), where won the Caméra d’Or and a Queer Palm.

The film is about the drama of a 15-year-old girl born in the boy’s body. Her ambition is to be a Ballet dancer, but she is in the process of trans. This role is played by Victor Polster, an actor who perfectly plays the role of a young androgenic face boy. A boy body model, without beard, within the parameters of European ideal of beauty.

This film is described by the transgender community as dangerous because it does not show a very positive view to the sex-change process. Lara at the end cuts her own penis, with scissors, and emptied in blood, ends up in the hospital. In addition, the viewer gets the feeling that it is a film about psychological illness and not about a process of psychological monitoring for people who is changing sex.

A positive side of the film is that we can feel the suffering of living in the body that we do not like. But it does not show that it is possible to live peaceably with this body and accept change. After starting the hormonal treatment, we get the feeling that everything changes and fails: colleagues begin to reject her presence; the Ballet is no longer compatible; and its weight does not allow surgery.

Another positive note is the fact that there are countries, in this case Belgium, that can create follow-up programs for gender change.

A very violent film for the LGBT community. It leaves doubt in the air.

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