“Epístola” by Max Provenzano

Epístola is an oral reflection on the violent situation that is taking place in my country, Venezuela. The access to guns from different sources has been growing exponentially in the last decades, increasing the rates of robbery and murder. Some failed mechanisms have been put in place by government, such as La Ley de Desarme (Disarmament Act). I’ve decided to give a blow-job to a gun to establish a dual discourse; it’s about submission and power relationships, pleasure and how it is shown in pornographic language, a pleasure that turns in an authority pattern. I think about how all Venezuelan people are kept in a state of passivity faced with a spiral of violence. Guns remain a control mechanism.

MAx Provenzano (December 30, 1986) is a Venezuelan artist with a degree in chemistry from the Central University of Venezuela, 2011. In his artistic career he is considered self-taught. He has taken some workshops, but he doesn’t have an artistic college career. He began as a painter using found objects on the Caracas streets.  His first exhibitions were in 2009. His work is about the interaction between Body and Object, lately the link between these two aspects turned into photography, performance and video, as a registration of the passage of time. There is an interest in exploring different materials and their effects on the body, taking into account the ramifications of these interactions, and how they involve the space. In his experimentation, he works with different techniques to produce records such as photocopies, scans, photography, sound or video recordings and drawings.

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Max Provenzano

Max Provenzano

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