Gustavo Carvalho: We deserve to Live!

Every 19 hours, a member of our community dies in Brazil (Source: report GGB, Grupo Gay da Bahia). His performance was made to remind this reality. The artist was “blooding” in a lgbt flag in the middle of the passage. This performance allowed him to tell everyone that this is happening and none can ignore it. With a strong message, he can show the way the others suffer. Society needs to reflect about these problems, and treat the LGBT+ community as persons, not things.

“The main reason for my life is the 445 homophobic deaths in 2017 and the more than 200 this year (2018). Even knowing that they are not representative of a real situation of deaths by homophobia, the would like to be seen is taken from our world. Some of my friends said that this could be the case in a public square, but if it was done in a ‘safe’ place, it would lose all sense: my proposal is not to bring this debate to people who already know you. You are an LGBT man in our society, but to people who are out of our reality, so a choice of this place. “

This performance was performed on August 24, 2018 in Derby Square. A well-known square in the city of Recife (Pernambuco, Brazil). In 2019, Brazil started a process by the STF (Federal Supreme Court) to criminalize homophobia, but the current government, clearly homophobic, fights in any way to prevent this from happening. Acts and performance like Gustavo Carvalho’s have become extremely important to counter the visions of the current government. Through art, manages to make life LGBT + accepted.

Photo Credits: Ezequiel Sena

Gustavo Carvalho, born in Recife, Brazil. He studied design and carpentry at the MEPE (State Museum of Pernambuco) and also in the MEPE was part of the educational and the exhibition team. He also studied visual arts at the Pernambuco School of Arts. In the area of ​​scenic arts, he participated in the Parcas Sertanejas theater group, where they performed their first performances.

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Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda

Francisco Lacerda is an artist, cultural critic and creative director of Pois. He writes for Pois since 2018. He also writes for other social media websites and he is a international art curator. Francisco studied in Lisbon and London, where he learned about art, management and luxury. Francisco Lacerda is responsible for major interviews: Duane Michals, Edouard Taufenbach, Anthony Lister, Manuel Braun.

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