“Joker” movie is an incentive for crimes of hate, speech and violence
QUEER LISBOA starts 20th September
In Safe Hands (Film)
Homophobic Bullying at School


One message it is clear: “The world did not adapted to Variações”. Sometimes we born in the wrong year.

In Safe Hands (Film)

In Safe Hands is the history between Alice with 41 years old and Théo with 3 months.

Interview to Sophie Mayanne

I don’t have a preference. I photograph all genders, and all ages. For me it’s about character, identity, personality and beauty. Gender can be irrespective of this.


“Rocket Man” is a prefect name for this film. Congratulations!!!

BALTHUS: Bias and Prejudice in Art

A public petition was requesting that Balthus’s painting Thérèse Dreaming should be removed from display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, with alleged explicit content and suggestive portrayal critics from Philip Kennicott The Washington Post.