Jessica Top is here to warm you up

Spreading smiles and sensuality!

Diogo Ribeiro is the boy behind the amazing colors of Jessica Top. With 28-years-old, Jessica dressed up for the first time, almost 13 years ago, when he moved to Oporto in search of his dreams.

Proud owner of unique and irresistible productions, from top to bottom, Jessica is undoubtedly one of the night figures of the northern part of the country to travel throughout the entire country, mainly between Lisbon and Oporto. She works in Zoom Porto, but when she is at the capital, she gives a foot … or an entire seduction at Posh in Lisbon.

With or without the beard, this artist can create controversy and shake everything. She possesses a vast amount of knowledge about Drag, being able to pick up and draw her makeup and handle the brush as few can. She presents herself with a sculpted face, elaborated visuals and thought clothes, together with her comfortableness in stage have turned her one of the current and most renowned Drag Queens from Portugal. Jointly with her cat eye and deep stare, she conquers the stage!

Jessica Top participated in the Portuguese Drag Got Talent, where she has presented all with her personality, her charm and smile… which helped her win the contest and propel her work.

Maybe you might be able to be present at one of her shows on your night out. Check and find out more about Jessica and her work at her Instagram: @jessicatop_

This photoshoot was offered by and made by the talented photographer Isabel Soares. You can check more of her works at or at her Instagram: @idzabellla  

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Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho

Miguel Soromenho Pereira is a Portuguese guy, born in November… a scorpion. Lives in Oeiras and studied Architecture and Game Development. Likes to play videogames, meditate, practice yoga and go to the gym. Works as Executive Director of Pois since January 2019.

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